The Fox Storm and Information Center

The Fox Storm and Information Center is the coordinating center providing instant access to Closing and Delay information for Schools, Businesses, and Government offices throughout the Hudson Valley and the Tri-States.  The Fox Storm and Information Center in partners with our Broadcast Stations, Fox 103.1, Fox Oldies 98.9FM, & Fox ESPN 1220 are ready to provide this vital information, via the Web, our Radio Stations, Email, and Text to your Phone.

When severe weather or other conditions that affect our service area strike, the Fox Storm and Information Center and Fox Radio will be ready.  For Current Closing or delay information, click the appropriate category link on the left side of the screen, for an alphabetical listing of that category.  Click on the item of interest for more information. 

Our closing information is also broadcast on all our Fox Stations, and you can have the information automatically emailed and/or sent by text to your cell phone.  For more information or to register for that free service, click here.  (Note you must be a Fox Listener Club Member to receive text or email information.) 


The Log In is for Registered Users.  If you are a School, Business, or Government office that would like to use the Fox Storm Center Click the "Register Now" link for more information.  You can also reach the Fox Help Desk during regular business hours at 845-561-2131845-561-2131  

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